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Business requirements

The largest retailer of technology products in Greece required a solution to enable an easy way for the management and presentation of full product information available through the chain with minimum burden to existing business processes.

A web site should also be implemented and be able to act as a ‘technology platform’ so as to offer complete product related services to visitors and, ideally, cover any future demand.

The web site’s production environment should be outsourced to seamlessly address any infrastructure required to support a growing number of visitors.


Technopolis S.A. was awarded the development and deployment of Since the website’s layout design would be provided by the advertising agency of Germanos S.A., Technopolis S.A. set up a set of rules for the way templates should be built and delivered. For each service offered to end-users, a specific template was documented and requested to be delivered based on the aforementioned rules.

A full blown Java platform was installed, in which Product Informer was installed as the ‘core’ of the system, so that Product Managers be able to create and extend as many product attributes required by each of the ‘product categories’. A versatile and compact back-end system allows website administrators to designate which of all available information should be visible to the web site. A bidirectional interface with Germanos’ corporate back-office system (SAP ERP) was developed in order to synchronize, leverage and enhance existing information. All the above are extended with a user-friendly (Java based) CMS for managing content related information for promotions, documentation and other services that Germanos S.A. provides.

Complex filtering and comparison techniques have also been implemented to make product searching an intuitive experience for visitors. Ordering and pre-ordering functions have been implemented via shopping carts with delivery through Germanos’ stores network.


The project was completed in 3 calendar months from receipt of the templates and was installed in a ‘farm’ expandable infrastructure (Oracle, Tomcat, Apache) provided in Technopolis S.A.’s Data Center with a dedicated circuit to communicate with Germanos’ back office systems so as to synchronize product data. After thorough testing and extended profiling of the system, specific tuning was performed on all parts of the system in order to ‘isolate’ and improve response times for all service requests.

During the last 2 years of operation, has been effortlessly responding to more than 300.000 unique visits every month, comsumes almost 2 TB of bandwidth per month and has a proven 99,999% availability. The most impressive fact of all, is that, due to its tight integration with existing corporate systems and the versatility of the management environment of, the effort required to keeping the site always up to date needs less than 1 full time person from Germanos S.A. personnel.


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