• Business Workflows

    Manually operated processes without standards?
    Complex business processes?
    Enter Business Workflows solutions...
    ...Design and Apply optimal procedures
    ...Monitor resources and bottlenecks and increase corporate productivity

  • Rich Web Solutions

    The Web is an application platform
    Content is not for 'eye-catching' effects but integrated applications
    Users are not 'reading' they are using...
    This is our approach....

  • Custom Shopping Carts

    Not 'an e-shop' but 'YOUR e-shop'.

    Consider the profile of potential customers
    Create market-specific services to them
    Personalize their experience and built customer loyalty!

  • Mobile applications

    Catch the most dynamic audience of always connected users!
    Supply to their SmartPhones and Tablets breathtaking, usefull apps!
    Ask us how it's done!

Let's put the numbers first:
- The average client loyalty extends to more than 4 years
- More than 65% of projects have been extended with additional features to cover additional client demands
- The average response time is lower than the time dictated into SLA contracts. It' s because @ Technopolis S.A we offer solutions – whether for SMBs or Large Enterprises – focused in building long lasting mutually beneficial cooperations. ..Read More
Open Source is builti into our corporate DNA – it’s not a coincidence that the first incarnation of Technopolis S.A. (back in 1992) was OPEN Services Ltd.

Open Source brings the dynamism of a vast ‘programmers base’ to products – but these products must be properly selected, installed and supported if a company has to make the most of Open Source. And these are the areas our expertise comes in place: ..Read More
Hosting services should support uninterrupted 'Internet presence' for your content. Most companies will offer you hosting solutions as a 'pay_as_you_go'  Product - Technopolis S.A. will supply your company with an  'all inclusive' Service. High level Management Services over Flexible infrasrtucture (from Servers to Internet Bandwidth), guarantee maximum uptime for your web site and applications. With our System Engineers constantly monitoring and tuning systems and resources which reside in our Data Center premises, ..Read More