Technopolis S.A. and LIFERAY Inc. sign Service Partnership Agreement

Tue, 13/12/2011
Technopolis S.A. and Liferay Inc. today signed a Service Partnership agreement to promote Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition in the Greek market, as a result of Technopolis S.A.’s multi-year commitment, experience and know-how in successful Liferay Portal implementations in Greece and neighbor countries.
LIFERAY Inc. is the company behind LIFERAY Enterprise Portal, the biggest Open Source Java project, which according to a Gartner study for Horizontal Portals, belongs to the Magic Quadrant of Leaders. According to the aforementioned study and as an indicative list of clients proves (which includes Cisco, TMobile, Barclays Bank, etc), LIFERAY Enterprise Portal platform is the best open source product for Enterprise Application Integration and Enterprise Web Content development.
Technopolis S.A., with its roots at OPEN Services Ltd, is a company devoted into providing Enterprise Application Integration and Web Content development services in open source platforms since 1992.
With such close proximity to their vision it was a logical consequence that the two companies recently signed an agreement for Technopolis S.A. to become the first and only Service Partner of LIFERAY Inc. in Greece.
Moreover, Technopolis’ S.A. approach that ‘proof of the expertise is lying in the projects delivered’ the cooperation between the two companies was not signed on the grounds of future installations but for formalizing Technopolis S.A. 6-year involvement with LIFERAY Enterprise Portal, during which Technopolis S.A. has delivered enterprise mission-critical projects such as:
  • Mercedes-Benz Hellas extranet platform with extensive Application Integration
  • GERMANOS S.A. intranet platform in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria
  • e-value intranet platform
  • Enterprise Content Portal
  • ACS S.A. extranet platform with Application Integration and Corporate Portal
as well as to other companies that Technopolis S.A. is already in advanced discussions for relevant projects.
Becoming a Service Partner for LIFERAY Inc. in Greece is the cornerstone of Technopolis S.A. strategy for offering to companies of all business sectors, robust enterprise-wide solutions built on technical expertise and accompanied with high-level support services and based on controllable budgets.