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Wed, 28/02/2018
Is your module folder full with modules? Do you wish to group them like the Service Builder template does?
Fri, 15/09/2017
This article is about my intership in Technopolis S.A. . It was my first summer working in a company and it was pretty interesting.I was 2 months there and my superior told me to develop a project based on gitlab that company uses. I had to learn to use the Gitlab API, more specific, i had to use...
Thu, 25/05/2017
Our project is a Liferay Workspace Project and lives in git. The test environment is on a remote server. So, our goal is to
Mon, 22/05/2017
Liferay comes bundles with an integrated Elastic Search server. This answers in port 9200. If you call the url http://localhost:9200/ you will get the following json.
Mon, 15/05/2017
Working with gradle in our IDE is not a problem. The problems begin when we choose to deploy our modules which contain third party libraries in liferay...
Wed, 28/12/2016
We will make a MvcPortlet with a Service builder which on a button click will store a message in the database and then display it.
Mon, 03/10/2016
In liferay 6.2 (yes, it is alive), if you are working with a miltilingual site, you can use a very handy way to define multilingual fields, for example in the preferences of a custom portlet.
Tue, 20/09/2016
PortletResponseUtil is a class to be used in the serveResource, in case you want to serve a file.
Thu, 21/07/2016
Liferay 6.2 is nice, but the guys working on the themes, should make a time travel in the past and use bootstrap 2.3... They don'y like it at all. There are many articles in the web about using bootstrap 3 in a liferay 6.2 theme, but all of them had problems or didn't work at all.
Fri, 15/07/2016
In some of our projects we have the problem, that the portlet plugins are big and slow and the deploy time takes a lot of time. Especially for the web developers, who make for example a css change in a portlets css file and want to see quickly if it is fixed, its very annoying.