Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Digitize operations for a thriving business.

The number of new technology solutions on the market today gives businesses incredible opportunities, but also increases the complexity of internal business operations. Leaders are weighed down by legacy systems and data silos, preventing them from running a truly  digital business. Liferay Digital Experience Platform can help you unite systems and build  the foundation you need to outpace the competition and create digital experiences that  customers love.
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The Business Challenge  

Achieve Operational Excellence to Deliver on Customer Promises Most companies today are hyper-focused on delivering the best next customer experience, and they’re promising customers that they can have seamless, connected experiences across every channel. Without the business processes and organizational infrastructure to support this, however, many businesses are stuck trying to get their operations to catch up to their customer experience vision. By transforming operations into efficient, digital processes, businesses can follow through on  the experiences their customers want to see. As those innovative experiences uncover new data  and insight, digital leaders can refine their internal systems for greater business agility. Digital business is much more than cutting costs; when these back-office processes work together, companies are able to stay ahead of rising customer expectations, giving them an edge over the competition. Promising better experiences for customers won’t help your bottom line if you can’t deliver.  Digital operational excellence is the behind-the-scenes glue that connects customers to the experiences they want.


Liferay DXP: A Foundation for Deeper Digital Transformation

Liferay Digital Experience Platform provides the architecture for sustainable, continuous transformation of systems throughout your organization. Liferay DXP brings together business data from disparate systems across the enterprise to create agile digital processes. Companies can get away from paper with digital processes that are supported on a united platform. Liferay DXP helps companies tackle transformation process by process, bringing applications and systems onto the core platform. Working from shared data across systems, employees can implement initiatives to improve services and give other departments the insight they need to make operations run better. In addition, Liferay DXP makes collaboration easier across departments through a  built-in workflow, content management, social features such as wikis and blogs, and other digital tools employees actually like using.

Technopolis S.A. - Experience and High Level Services for Liferay DXP

Technopolis S.A. has a long history of developing large projects on Liferay Portal and - lately - on Liferay DXP. Having achieved the highest possible Partnership Level (Platinum) with Liferay, Technopolis S.A. has the expertise, the people and the processes necessary to undertake and deliver mission-critical enterprise projects adhering to Liferay DXP best practices and maximizing the capabilities of the Platform.

Business Benefits

  • Bridge Silos Across Systems. Make real transformation happen by connecting systems and getting them working together. Successful customer experience rests on being able to keep every promise you make.  Support marketing and sales with a comprehensive view of your customer across  business systems, enabling you to identify and improve pain spots throughout the organization.

  • Automate Processes to Get Your Company Moving Faster. Replace paper with digital processes that reduce human error and make it easier to keep customer data private and maintain compliance. Liferay DXP can help automate business processes, such as HR  onboarding and invoice payments, transforming them so they take only minutes, rather than days.

  • Equip Your Workforce. Give your team the digital tools they need to succeed at their jobs. Create workflow processes that are fast and seamless, with the same consumer-friendly approach that people experience outside of the workplace. Increase employee engagement and empower new ways of collaborating and sharing knowledge.


The number one technical challenge facing digital experience leaders is inadequate integration with back-end systems