During our constant quest for the most applicable tools to fulfill each project’s tough requirements and to organize our day-to-day operation, we have ended up selecting and currently using the following recognizable open-source projects.

centos CentOS - We have standardize the use of CentOS for most of our systems, mainly because of its affinity to Redhat Enterprise Linux, which is used by many of our enterprise customers. We are quite happy with it when running any application stack - but we still use FreeBSD for more network specific tasks ;-)
apache tomcat Apache Tomcat - This is still our preferred java web app container.
apache Apache httpd - There may be faster or leaner web servers but nothing beats apache in versatility. We would also consider nginx if the standard version had sticky session support.
mariaDB MariaDB - We prefer the Oracle-free version of MySql. It is as mature in a single instance and quite more usable as a Galera Cluster.
mongoDB MongoDB - Most mature noSQL option.
redis Redis - Nothing beats redis as a performant key-value store. Best for keeping replicated session information.
elastic search Elasticsearch - Fast and versatile search engine. Also used as time-series visualization in ELK configuration.
solr Solr - Still dependable search engine. No reason to switch any running project to elastic yet.
gitlab Gitlab - Our hosted gitlab instance serves our git repository, our wiki, our issue workflow and milestone tracking. It also serves our slack-like collaboration via the integrated mattermost instance.
jenkins Jenkins - All our deployment tasks are covered by the venerable jenkins. Artifacts are tagged in git and reused for multiple environments. A private sonatype nexus artifactory is also used.
nodejs Node.js - mostly used in the background by dev tools, but we also use it for quick PoC, as well as for tasks where a shell script would be too complex and a java main would be an overkill.
react React - Among the top 3 front-end frameworks we now prefer react for all our fresh projects. Angular was too strict, Vue.js not so widely accepted, whereas react was easily adopted by our developers and has a very strong community. We also had great results using react-native as our preferred mobile app framework.


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