Web design

We‘ll design YOUR website.

There are no 'ready-made' templates for us, cause your web site is unique.

Every web site is unique – just as your company and your target group. 

Our Team of Designers will match the ‘look-and-feel’ of your site with the other aspects of your corporate communication. So your new web site will act as a comprehensive part of presence of your company, be it in print or electronic media.

We'll take care of the content. Design experts will assist you in choosing the best approach in organizing sections, building pages and creating content for your site. You won’t get involved in technologies applied, you‘ll only get the design and structure that satisfies your demands, in the most efficient way. And qualified experts will assist you in creating alive, attractive, SEO-friendly content, in whatever media (text, photo, video, sound) is appropriate. All that while abiding to Internet and Web standards and making the most out of the Technology.

We'll make it work in every device. Design and Content will be combined and implemented in the best technological way. That means it will be Compatible and Responsive . Compatible with all different browsers (no matter how many of them there are!) and Responsive to the different devices  prospect users might use for visiting your site, be it mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

At Technopolis S.A. we provide you with YOUR website, contructed by the best available technology.



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