Open source

For long time now Technopolis S.A. is attracting  strong players from the areas of Telco, Gaming, Banking, Retail and Wholesale, Automobile, etc.
All our projects are built on comprehensive technologies and Open Source software.

Java Platform Enterprise Edition (JPEE), Spring, Hibernate, Jenkins et al.  Developing in Eclipse, using a productive SVN for version control system.  Interconnecting systems through JSON, REST and ApacheCxF and other SOAP technologies. Using ‘new’ technologies like webSockets for communication between browsers and servers. Building front ends with JavaScript, using HTML5.

It could be ‘all Greek’ to you – the technologies we are using. If it is, let it remain that way. Your focus is on ‘getting the project’ you requested. Our job is to get your ‘project delivered’. A project easily maintainable, always extensible, robust and trustworthy.  Because you are depending your business on that project. We depend our business on delivering your project. And the technological terms named above, are ‘the tools or our trade’.

It started with OPEN Services Ltd., the company which went 'against the tide' of 'box-moving' and 'branded software' re-selling. But this is the Information Technology era: what is ‘strange’ could very well be ‘in front of its time’.

It continued with Technopolis S.A. a company with a solid view of what 'Services on Open Source' is about, as well as a solid strategy and specific projects to show. Enterprise-level projects, involving Enterprise software Application Integration (EAI)s on Open Systems and Rich-Content, interactive Web applications. All these, accompagnied by the necessary Consulting & and cutting-edge Support and Maintenance services.

Finally, our international partnerships are based on Open Source software and they include:

while we continue to seek more cooperation, for offering better services to our clients.

The 'Open Source' idea is inherent in our DNA and this is what makes

Technopolis S.A. your best partner on building

technologicaly advanced projects.