It's the proof that Technopolis S.A. has both the experience to handle critical, corporate, challenging Portals. And the ability to deliver on them.

Because in Technopolis S.A. there is a specific way to follow when delivering a Portal - Your Portal of any kind: for Customers, for Partners, for Employees, for e-Business.

If it is a Portal, we let our Projects to do the talking.

Because there is only one way to do a successful Enterprise Portal!

Analyze in details – What the Project really requires. Which Corporate Systems must be interconnected, what technology is already in place, which Departments are involved. Then we make the blueprint of how these interconnections will be implemented. In details. So there is no ‘grey areas’ or factors ‘to be defined in the future’. Because a Portal Project must be delivered on specific specs.

Making critical technology selections – You don’t build Corporate Portals on ‘white paper’. You build them on existing infrastructure. Which we take strongly into consideration. We are not into ‘changing things the way we want’ but into ‘building new things, leveraging whatever already works’.

Developing with agility – Development. One of our biggest strengths. Top-level software engineers, qualified professionals, productive environment. Portlets, Snipets, Servlets, APIs.. all have a reason to exist. And that’s what we are exploiting in order to deliver Corporate Portals to Large Private and / or Public Organizations. For more than 2 decades now.

Delivering with robustness – Tight project management and exhaustive tests, follow development. Requirements testing, User Acceptance Testing, Stress Testing.. So the delivered Portal is not only good on technical terms, but also robust enough to deliver under the load of the real world.So it delivers on your expectations. Like all Projects delivered by Technopolis S. A. do.

Supporting with dedication – And then is the ‘We build cooperation. Not just Projects’ mantra of our company. For us our ‘Portal Projects’ are living creatures, needing attendance. Because for you, our client, they are a strong advantage for your business. Our Customer Care team will work with dedication to support our Projects – and extend them as your requirements expand.

  • Analyze in details
  • Making critical technology selections
  • Developing with agility
  • Delivering with robustness
  • Supporting with dedication