Germanos INSTORE

3D Touch Web Application

INSTORE is an innovative software application, installed and operational via the Digital Signage systems at Germanos’ stores, aiming to introduce a new, interactive experience for the clients and visitors of the stores.

The main characteristics of the INSTORE application are:

  • It’s three-dimensional (3D) with animation effects

  • It supports touch events

  • It’s based on web technologies (javascript, html, css)

  • It includes all products from

  • It does not require mouse or keyboard

The main functional features (available to all users) of the INSTORE application are:

  • Product Browsing through all Categories of the Catalogue

  • Product Close-up View including Full Specs

  • Faceted Product Search in every Category

  • User-defined Product Sorting in every Category

  • Product Specs Comparison in every Category

  • Shopping Cart Creation (Virtual Basket)

Moreover, the following functions are also supported:

  • Scheduled Automatic Synchronization of the Product Catalogue

  • Automatic Silent Login using each Store’s predefined credentials

  • Automatic (on demand & online) update of each Product’s Price & Stock

  • Automatic Integration of the Virtual Order with the Store’s Back-office System

  • Automatic Reset Functions after Configurable Idle-time intervals (return to home page, clear basket, clear comparison list)

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