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For supporting the 'Super Number' of OTE (the biggest Telco in Greece), a 'Super Portal' was a prerequisite. Go to 11888.gr for getting information on - pretty much - everything. Accompagnied by so many additional information: location services, ways to get at where you are looking for, nearby relative information, etc.

For building this 'Super Portal' a 'Super-Framework' was needed. And it was Liferay Portal which was selected - and Liferay Portal delivered. It delivered on integrating with 'you_name_it' back end systems of OTE (Soleo DAS / Flexi Search Integration (Yellow & White Pages) / Classifieds (by major, external provider) / Elastic Path E-Commerce Platform / Cosmote SMS Notification Service / Google Maps API, to name a few), in Content Aggregation (from multiple external providers) and in offering a plethora of applications to End Users.

Built on an attractive interface, offering a unique User Experience, 11888.gr has become the primary location for on-line searching on information of every kind.
Developing such a project seemed a huge effort, but Liferay Portal being nothing but the best 'Application Integration Platform', combined with the expertise of Technopolis S.A. (the Liferay Service Partner in Greece) and SingularLogic S.A., produced the full set of code necessary for implementing such a complex project.

So OTE can offer on-line 'Super services' for its 'Super Number'.

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