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Exposing Legacy System to the Web

It was a challenge! The request was simple to express but complex to design: corporate processes were implemented on reliable legacy systems, but it was time the whole system to be exposed to the Web, through a Portal offering all modern services to end-users, such as FAQ's, Forums, User Management, activity logging, etc. The whole project called for Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition and the implementation, configuration and development expertise by Technopolis S.A.

In the pre-defined time frame, a new Corporate Portal was online, with a modern design, a full-capabilities CMS. With proper configuration and based on the agile User Management of Liferay Portal, the installation acts as an Intranet for Partners, extranet to Colaborators and Large Account and public site to Visitors. A set of extremely modern middleware connects to the Stored Procedures through which business and data knowledge are exposed and matelialize - through portlets - as usefull services to each and every type of users.

Online services related to shipments (tracking, create new), accounts (invoices, balance, order history, etc) and other services are offered through an environment of unique User eXperience. On top of that, the whole project is based on a Platform able to address any future need, increasing the ROI-index of the Project.

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