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Roaming Data Limit, My Internet Abroad


The project refers to a set of landing pages, through which COSMOTE’s mobile subscribers are able to view and manage their mobile data services and extra offerings, either from abroad (anywhere but Greece), or from within Greece.

The portal application implemented in Liferay DXP is a heavy integration project, involving multiple teams and interfacing numerous back-office systems and platforms through an Enterprise BUS (e.g. CRM Systems, Billing Systems, Mobile Network Platforms, etc.). The application’s UI has been implemented in two separate themes, one for postpaid and one for prepaid subscribers.

A configurable scheduler is regularly executing a job for uploading, processing and updating several data files coming from external sources (via sftp), containing service catalogues, tariff plans, surcharges and billing profile information for all countries worldwide. One of these files is also integrated with Liferay CMS (Web Content) via the Liferay API, providing content editors the ability to change the service content to be displayed, as well as the ordering in service listings. Elasticsearch was also used to speed up retrieval of such content, based on given criteria, thus significantly improving the overall performance of the application.

The final result (from the subscriber point of view) is a completely personalised landing page containing all the information required by the subscriber to view his/her mobile data consumption status, as well as the options to activate or deactivate the data service, or buy any of the available extra services online.

The implemented system also provides custom auditing for all user actions, as well as custom analytics reporting, all able to be exportable to various output formats (e.g. csv, xls, pdf).

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