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The request for upgrading the Web presence of the Hellenic Exchanges Group of Companies, should be based on a modern, flexible and extendable platform for hosting applications and content. On top of developing new services,, all existing applications and services which HELEX Group offers through the Web should be ported  on the same platform.

The platform of choice for HELEX was Liferay Portal Entrerprise Edition.

During the development phase of new applications, HELEX Group – after completing the corresponding bid - signed a contract with TECHNOPOLIS S.A. for maximizing the value of Liferay Portal platform.

TECHNOPOLIS S.A. became the Technical Partner for HELEX Group on issues related to Liferay platform, with the task of supplying consulting services for assisting HELEX Group in implementing a wide range of applications and services to various audiences.

For TECHNOPOLIS S.A., cooperation with HELEX Group was of extreme interest and demanding on technical issues related to the development that was completed in the frame of the specific project. The staff of TECHNOPOLIS S.A. having an extensive experience on relative projects and being highly skilled on Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition platform, were able to deliver the requested services.

The new helex.gr is a modern and complete business Portal, able to address todays needs and cover future requests by HELEX Group.

Based on the success of the initial cooperation, TECHNOPOLIS S.A. continued to supply services for evolving and supporting ALR (ATHEX Liferay Portal) software, in order helex.gr to maintain the level of services and content, that supplies to its users.


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