R2, Renewals Retention

Bespoke Application for Cosmote SA

Implementing an innovative approach for Renewing contracts by mobile phone customers, Germanos S.A. researched the market for a technologicaly advanced, secure and reliable solution. The solution presented by Technopolis S.A. was depicted in a blueptint which included everything: from infrastructure to full system integration. The solution was delivered on the agreed date and gave Germanos S.A. the ability to approach existing customers offering outstanding service combined with personalized offers. Customer retention rose to levels higher than expected and the whole system, became 'mission critical'. 
The requirement included developing an ‘end-to-end’ application through which procedures for renewing customer contracts would be automated to the maximum level.. ‘R2’ (for 'Renewals & Retention) was designed as a centralized application that would provide a single point of operation for all Cosmote’s call center agents to be able to renew, retain and win back customers with mobile contracts, without having to connect to multiple, disparate back office systems to achieve so.

R2  streamlines communication through Call Centers with customers, during which personalized offers are communicated to the client based on accurate, detailed client-data. Customers responds are commited to a Clustered ORACLE DataBase and through robust interfaces with PriceLists & Provisioning, processes for automatic printing of physical contracts and messaging with Warehouse software (for packaging orders), every order becomes 'Physical Shipment' the stages of which are monitored through another interface with authorized Couriers' Systems.
The system provides a unified front-end user interface that seamlessly integrates with:

  • SAP ERP and Oracle Applications to retrieve product information, 
  • Siebel CRM to retrieve customer contract, 
  • EPOS (Provisioning) to retrieve existing customer services, 
  • Aberon (Data Warehouse) to check product availability,
  • ACS Courier (via 3rd party Web services) to achieve delivery and,
  • SAP ERP and Oracle Applications (again) to insert sales order & invoice information.

Developed with Spring, Struts and Eclipse IDE the application runs on RHEL and uses a clustered Data Base (Oracle RAC)

Support services by Technopolis' S.A. Customer & Support Center have kept the system 'up-and-running' with minimum downtime, while the flexibility of the technology used during development allows for extending the system with every additional request.


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