A 12-year cooperation

'Technopolis S.A. builds cooperations and not 'one-off projects'', is our mantra. And 4troxoi.gr is a living proof of that. It's for the 4th time that the project for a 'completely new' 4troxoi.gr was awarded to our company. And as expected, we delivered.

A complete 'Car Portal' integrating information from the valuable '4-troxoi' Data Base, presenting all latest news about the car industry and races. Plus, two famous sections for the 'die-hard' lovers of automobile:

  • access to the legendary '4Troxoi Library' - the full history of all issues ever published by the famous magazine, accompagnied with a strong 'Search' interface.
  • participation to the '4T Forum' - one of the largest and most acive Forum in the market, through tightly integrated Forum s/w.

Based on Drupal 8, offering an attractive User Environment, 4troxoi.gr underlines a long-lasting cooperation!

Alpha Editions S.A.