Stock Center

Total information through innovative procedures


Stock-Center (by Velmar S.A.) is one of the largest second-hand car dealers in Greece. For reaching out to its audience the firm decided to present the ‘’ an innovative portal, offering a modern User Experience.

With strong filtering for selecting cars of the exact car type each user is interested in, presenting full car-details and accompanying them with ‘Form of Interest’ users are getting a step closer to buying the vehicle that best suits them. 

Adding a comprehensive set of information on the Company itself, the financing services available and other information of the ‘second-hand car market’, is the place where selecting a vehicle becomes a positive User Experience.

On the back-end, Velmar S.A.’s executives have the ability to insert new cars for sale, temporarily disable appearance of certain cars which might be at an ‘advanced step of being sold’ and extract useful business information on car stock such as ‘average remaining time’, ‘days until sold’, composition of available fleet, etc.  

For delivering the project up to Velmar S.A.’s requirements, Technopolis S.A. designed and developed the portal on the powerful, open source Drupal WCMS platform. Based on the existing modules and extending Drupal’s functionality with custom code - created following Drupal’s ‘best practices’ - is a fully functional portal, which as is hosted and supported by Technopolis S.A., has an availability time close to 99,5%.

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