Speed Boat License School.

Modern, Drupal-based and Technopolis-delivered web site.

In a country with so many islands, to drive a speedboat is as common as driving a car. Passing the corresponding examinations for the license though, would be a difficult task. How to get informed about procedures, where to find appropriate paperwork and applications, what details to know about ‘when and where’ exams are performed.

In you can find an answer to any of the above questions, because it is a modern, Drupal-based and Technopolis-delivered web site. Offering the interaction requested, simplifying search of information requested, browsing in a pleasant environment, maximizing user-experience.

You can do all the above ‘on-the-go’ too, because the site is fully responsive. With Google Analytics to monitor user-related information. And the resilience of Drupal Content Management System, to maintain information and content up-to-date.

Blue Speed School
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