Haroumeni Agkalia

The cutest kindergarten in Glyfada!

The new kindergarten Charoumeni Agkalia was established and operates in Glyfada,  with respect to the needs of every child.

A 'presence on the Web' was not enough for Haroumeni Agkalia, an exclusive kindergarden in Glyfada. And a 'differantiation factor' was the prerequisite for a succesfull on-line strategy.

A new, prototype design was produced, Drupal 8 installed as the powerfull WCMS for facilitating creation and updates in content and full consulting services were offered on how to produce SEO-friendly texts, how to interpet Google Analytics visitors' data and how to respond to on-line requests.

A 'full services' project which is paying back all the money and energy spent on it!

Haroumeni Agkalia
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